How do I become a Psych Corp? 

You should be a university graduate student, who has taken introductory courses in clinical psychology, community psychology, guidance and counseling or social psychology. 

You are further trained and posted to do your national service in a community psychological clinical setting. 

What are my duties as a Psych Corp?

Members work together with mental health professionals such as community psychiatric nurses and District/Regional Health Management Teams (DHMTs) and usually help in:

1. Identifying mental health conditions and new cases 

2. Creating awareness and education about mental health in the communities

3. Offer lay counselling and psychological first aid to troubled individuals, families and communities. 

4. Collecting data in the communities, with regard to how culture, customs, and behaviours that affect the way mental health is viewed

Where can I locate the offices of Psych Corps Ghana?

We are currently located Department of Psychiatry, UGSMD Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital 

How many regions in Ghana do you operate in?

We operate in all the 16 regions in Ghana by posting Psych Corps to health facilities across the country but have our office in the capital city, Accra

Can I do a vacation internship/volunteer with Psych Corps Ghana? 

Plans are still in place to initiate this project but do contact us to speak more about your interest

Can I be a Psych Corp when I don’t have a background in Psychology or mental health? 

The Psych Corps programme is presently designed for University undergraduate students who have taken psychology courses for 4-years of their bachelors. However, if you are a non-psychology graduate but have taken applied psychology courses in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, you qualify to be trained and posted by Psych Corps Ghana

What are my benefits from being a Psych Corp? 

Most undergraduate psychology students (especially those interested in clinical work) go their entire 4-years without acquiring relevant practical skills. Therefore, PCG ensures that these graduates are equipped with skillsets and provided the opportunity to serve in health facilities for a year practicing the skills. These opportunities thus incentivize young graduates to pursue a career in mental health care delivery (e.g., clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist or psychologist assistant). Many of our alumni have indeed gone on to pursue these interests. 

How are Psych Corps supported?

Members are supported through the following: 

1. Orientation 

2. Training manuals 

3. Workshops and conferences 

4. Frequent check-ins via Phone calls, SMS, facebook, email, Skype calls (where applicable) and visitations.