Departments of Psychology of Tertiary Institutions in Ghana

We recruit potential Psych Corps from several Psychology Departments of Tertiary institutions like University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast into the Psych Corps programme. Lecturers at the department grant us some time off their lectures to create awareness about our programme which facilitates recruitment of level 400 students.

Mental Health Authority

We collaborate on projects with the MHA to achieve our objectives of bridging the existing treatment gap. Our recent collaboration includes the Telepsychiatry Call Centre. 

National Service Secretariat 

Through the NSS, we are able to post our Psych Corps to various health facilities across Ghana. Every year, we submit a list of interested graduates to the NSS for successful posting.

Ghana Health Service

Our Psych Corps are placed in health facilities across Ghana to dispatch their services as lay counselors and mental health advocates. Once in these facilities, the corps are placed in mental health units to work closely with Community Mental health nurses or any mental health professional on site.